lf you send an intimidating  text or message with use of Internet is cyber bullying.bullying. Cyber bullies are those guys who just want other kids  to feel bad about themselves and this is not even different from the normal bullying. The increased rate of use of the Internet by teenagers  has also increased the rate of cyberbullying  ,to extent  that they create pseudonymous names  just to torment and leaving other peoples kids feeling embarrassed and humiliated. To those who think cyber bullying is a joke they should just STOP !!’cause cyber bullying is for people who have problems  at their  homes and just to feel good by stepping on the vulnerable  kids .

NB: To those guys being bullied on-line do not reply  with nasty words ’cause it will never change anything but it will only go   from bad to worse as would have become one of them! Seek help from your parents ,an elderly person,teachers or anyone who can be of your help