DESCRIPTION:Trumpet shaped flowers grow to a 6-inch diameter.Stems grow up to 3-feet long carrying four to eight blossoms.Sparse foliage is dark green.Because blooms open at varies time ,most lilies  live one to two weeks.Colors include white,yellow,pink,red and orange; many have a deeper color freckles on the petal

SPECIAL CARE:To Prevent From Staining Petals or Clothes REMOVE Stamens!!                                               

ATTENTION!!! TO CAT LOVERS:According to ASPCA lilies are considered to be highly poisonous to cats,while the poisonous components have not been identified,it is clear that with even ingestions of small amounts of the plant,severe kidney damages could result .CAUTION: KEEP LILIES OUT OF REACH OF CATS!!!!                                            

lt is important to note that lilies do not pose as problem for other pets or humans

NB:May is the month for Lilies                                                                                                                               MAY—–LILIES2



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