What Girl Power MEANS TO ME!


I  believie girl power is different for everyone.To me girl power is confidence and strength. It is having courage to take risks by believing in yourself. It’s about being kind to others and having graceful strength in all you do. Ultimately, girl power is about empowering yourself and others to achieve things you never thought possible.I’ve been sorrounded by strong women my entire life.My family is full of inependent career women who have an unwavering belief in what is right.My sisters, my aunts and my mother have been able to balance careers in the business feild and family seamlessly.The women who raised are the happiest , most intelligent women l know. They are an inspiration to me each and every day. They taught me to dream. There are no bounderies if you are true to yourself.

We, as girls, can change the world ,one step at a time ,together and seperately ,if we just take a chance and believe in ourselves,our dreams, and your power…..girl power that is.


3 thoughts on “What Girl Power MEANS TO ME!


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