lf you send an intimidating  text or message with use of Internet is cyber bullying.bullying. Cyber bullies are those guys who just want other kids  to feel bad about themselves and this is not even different from the normal bullying. The increased rate of use of the Internet by teenagers  has also increased the rate of cyberbullying  ,to extent  that they create pseudonymous names  just to torment and leaving other peoples kids feeling embarrassed and humiliated. To those who think cyber bullying is a joke they should just STOP !!’cause cyber bullying is for people who have problems  at their  homes and just to feel good by stepping on the vulnerable  kids .

NB: To those guys being bullied on-line do not reply  with nasty words ’cause it will never change anything but it will only go   from bad to worse as would have become one of them! Seek help from your parents ,an elderly person,teachers or anyone who can be of your help



Say goodbye to the old you n say hello to the new you, which in this context is 2016 and yourself. Though many of us have being focusing on family parties ,holiday parties and winter activities, there is another tradition looming just round the bend, the famous New Year’s resolutions .And rather than let this tradition sneak up on us, l suggest we take some time to reflect and prepare our resolutions also.

lt’s that time of  the year ,when people have a set of goals and if you are   anything like me, your list of New Year’s resolutions reads like a sort of global to-do list.We resolve to change our diet ,exercise more,travel to new places,and finish big projects.We resolve to be better by doing more. You have probably heard these cleches a thousand times. This  year instead of resolving  to fit into a new pair of skinny jeans,what would happen if we did unconventional and live boldly? What would happen if we pursued living in a way thats intentional and purposeful , disregarding a checklist of requirements and a set of scripted conversations? You will have moments in life in which you will feel like the candles have blown out , the magic faded , but throwing  in the towel is not an option.

Change your resolutions into something different that will get your mind to do all that needs to be done. You see thats why l never liked the word resolutions as it suggests something that has been tried and often failed.Resolutions do not us much good but frustrate us when we look back and try  to account for that which has not been achieved.So l think instead of coming up with a long list  of resolutions ,rather commit yourself to changing the bad and learning new things that will help you change for the better