How To Start The Day Well


Elesessa Endersen

A Healthy Breakfast

To start the day well, get up and clean your teeth, getting rid of all the gunk that has gathered in your mouth over the course of the night. Then break your fast (sleep: a night of rest without food) with a short Meditation ritual. You can pray if you are religious, but if you are not then you can do what is appropriate for you; like the following: Relaxing in a comfortable position, with your brain fully switched on and your eyes wide shut. Just try to clear your mind (whichever works for you) for 5 mins straight before getting up and doing a few stretches. Nothing too strenuous; just a few exercises to motivate the body to want what’s best for itself.

Then Have a hot bath or shower, and dry up, get dressed, and sit down for breakfast.

Health Tips

One full Pint glass of water, drink half of it before the…

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