Moment to remember



l felt as walls were closing on me when l realised that my family had forgotten about my birthday.l  then made myself microwave popcorn since l was home alone that night,so l went to my room to watch a movie on my laptop. ln the middle of it all, all of  sudden the lights went out.My skipped a bit,  l started screaming in fear.A man in got into my room a took me to his car and he covered my eyes with a dark cloth and he drove off. When he stopped the car l thought he was gonna kill me but to my surprise he carried me on his shoulders again. He got into the house he took off the cloth off my face and every shouted “SURPRISE HAPPY BIRTHDAY” l froze for a second and burst into tears. l was proved wrong that day, that no parent will ever forget their child’s birthdays.All my cousins were there to celebrate with me.

P.S: that was my fabulous super sweet sixteen



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