lf read a novel or book you are guaranteed to find characters that are going to leave their mark on you.They are much more than the sum total of words and creative art work on the pages we read.We think about the things they have done said and we refer to our day to day lives and surely they never really leave us. The cast of characters that stay with us are probably varied and highly individual ,but they all are testament to the magic and creative wonder that authors and illustrators have been able to create. Here is opportunity for you to share the characters that have stayed with you!!!! Share your answers with us in the comments


 So many of us when we enter a New Year what immediately comes to our minds is making a list of resolutions cause its tradition.Sometimes those resolutions are not even realistic,and they are not even fulfilled most of the time.

Well, this year l just thought of encouraging some of the l_am_dreii family, 2017 is all about breaking boundaries and something unique.Do the impossible in-order to be a better person,for l believe where there is a will there is  a way.And also one’s faith in GOD is very important cause it will help you to achieve greater things in year 2017.


Be the ice breaker ,even no has ever done anything out of the box  in your family ,why don’t you become the first and do it perfectly by so doing you will always be remembered for being an apple in a basket full of oranges.



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What Girl Power MEANS TO ME!


I  believie girl power is different for everyone.To me girl power is confidence and strength. It is having courage to take risks by believing in yourself. It’s about being kind to others and having graceful strength in all you do. Ultimately, girl power is about empowering yourself and others to achieve things you never thought possible.I’ve been sorrounded by strong women my entire life.My family is full of inependent career women who have an unwavering belief in what is right.My sisters, my aunts and my mother have been able to balance careers in the business feild and family seamlessly.The women who raised are the happiest , most intelligent women l know. They are an inspiration to me each and every day. They taught me to dream. There are no bounderies if you are true to yourself.

We, as girls, can change the world ,one step at a time ,together and seperately ,if we just take a chance and believe in ourselves,our dreams, and your power…..girl power that is.

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YEAH,l love to be alone,put loud on music and block out reality or a moment but when it come to family and friends ,l love them more than life itself.Despite thinking of doing the seemingly impossible and crazy stuff, at times l just need some space and be a free woman. 

P.S : “if l want the moon ,l’ll bring it down myself”

This personal motto is what keeps me going , because failure is simply another opportunity to begin again,this time  more intelligently.No one learns from success but failure.Every fall in my life l make it part of the dance and l keep smiling ’cause life is such a beautiful thing and there’s a lot smile about!

To Those Who Have Touched My 21 Years of Life But Are No Longer A Part Of It — Discover

“Our lives are touched by hundreds of people every single day. Life is, in essence, a mess of connections, of threads connecting each one of us together in some strange way, shape or form.” A list of thank yous from Brianna Woodward.

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Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.It means l have simply decided to look beyond the imperfections.This is so simply because the art of being happy lies in the power of extracting “HAPPINESS” from common things.

P.S: Optimism is the faith that leads one to happiness!!

It just like one of the days l will feeling really down and my day isn’t going the way l had planned it, and then l find myself not being able to even say a short prayer to ask GOD to strengthen me.Then all of a sudden a glimpse of light just glows out of nowhere and l feel like laughing really hard even if l try to hold it in.I still find myself smiling ,that people  around me would start saying,” she’s practicing to be mad!! “l must say the only explanation to this is “TRUE and PURE HAPPINESS” and one should enjoy it whilst it lasts!!


1375005_1528580904066011_438233223976380878_nl am not the same soul ,l once was.A lot has changed and A lot had to change.So you shouldn’t expect out of me what l embodied in the past . For that part of me is dead and buried

……………I AM WHO I AM,
                                                                      NOT WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE                                                                                                              ……………..I AM ME!!

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